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    POMPADOUR® shock absorber

    Fleur de Lys® shock absorber

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    POMPADOUR® Shock Absorber Pad

    Discover our latest innovation!

    Specially designed to provide optimal comfort, the POMPADOUR® Shock Absorber Pad stands out with its unique ergonomic shape, perfectly adapting to your horse's morphology and offering targeted support where it's needed most. It effectively compensates for muscle loss, restores proper back alignment, promoting better health and enhanced performance.

    Made with innovative materials specifically designed for the medical field, the POMPADOUR® Shock Absorber Pad eliminates pressure points and evenly distributes the rider's weight, ensuring superior comfort for the horse and a better connection.

    With its meticulous design and crafted entirely from leather, the POMPADOUR® Shock Absorber Pad is lightweight and breathable, guaranteeing a perfect fit and excellent stability under the saddle.

    Experience all the benefits of our POMPADOUR® Shock Absorber Pad and discover how it can enhance your riding experience. Choose comfort, performance, and well-being by selecting the POMPADOUR® Shock Absorber Pad.

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