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    Anatomic Girth POMPADOUR®

    Anatomic Girth Fleur de Lys®

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    Anatomic Girth POMPADOUR®

    Give your horse the comfort and protection it needs with our high-quality anatomic girth. Trust our product for an enhanced riding experience, whether for training or competition.

    Equipped with Shock Absorber technology, our girth absorbs shocks and vibrations to reduce stress on your horse. Fully padded with medical-grade foam, it provides gentle cushioning and reduces pressure points. Its anatomical cut widens at the center, perfectly adapting to your horse's morphology, ensuring a precise fit, optimal freedom of movement, and superior protection. Reinforced on the inside for increased durability and resistance, our girth is designed to withstand the demands of riding.

    Choose the quality and well-being of your horse by using our anatomic girth POMPADOUR®.

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