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    POMPADOUR® saddle cover

    Saddle cover Fleur de Lys®

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    Saddle cover
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    POMPADOUR® saddle cover 

    Offer optimal protection to your saddle with our Pompadour® saddle cover, combining functionality and elegance.

    Our saddle cover provides unparalleled protection with its thick polar lining and ultra-resistant, waterproof fabric, safeguarding your saddle from weather, scratches, and transportation damage. It also adds a touch of style and sophistication, featuring meticulous finishing and elegant details, making it the perfect complement to your POMPADOUR® saddle.

    Easy to use and maintain, our Pompadour® saddle cover is a reliable and stylish choice for discerning riders who care about the details.

    Choose our Pompadour® saddle cover now. Your saddle deserves the best.

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