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  • Design & Performances

    Sporty Elegance & Innovations

    At Fleur de Lys®, we innovate and develop sports products for all those who wish to preserve their horse's well-being while achieving optimal performance.

    Developed in partnership with high-level riders, the Pompadour® saddle is designed to free the back and shoulders of each horse. Its unique and revolutionary design allows for an unparalleled adaptability, an unmatched versatility.

    Discover the Pompadour® Saddle now - A Highly Versatile Saddle - Free your horse from all constraints!

    "It's a lightweight and incredibly fast saddle dedicated to the world of sports."

    Benoit Desjeux

    International Rider

    Fleur de Lys®

    The Essential Accessory

    The Pompadour® Medical Wither Relief Pad

    At Fleur de Lys®, our quest for excellence drives us relentlessly to innovate, preserving your mount's well-being and offering optimal performance.

    That's why we developed the POMPADOUR® Medical Wither Relief Pad. Unique in its kind, this accessory compensates for muscle loss when your horse has a well-developed wither. Preserve your horse's well-being and performance!

    Discover the POMPADOUR® Medical Wither Relief Pad - Enjoy all the benefits of your Pompadour® Saddle to the fullest.

    “Plenty of shoulder freedom. Suitable for all horses. I use a Fleur de Lys leather medical cushion."

    Vicky Van de Poel

    International Rider

    Bart Clarys

    Innovation & Performance

    Our Essentials

    At Fleur de Lys®, we firmly believe that the harmony between rider and horse is essential for optimal performance and the well-being of your mount.

    Each product is designed with the same commitment to excellence, offering you a perfect harmony between you and your horse. Dare to explore Fleur de Lys® and let our expertise and passion guide you.

    Immerse yourself in the world of Fleur de Lys® - Discover the Essentials for your Pompadour® Saddle.

    Entreprise du patrimoine vivant


    Welcome to Fleur de Lys® - a world where equestrian art arises from the exceptional, where the passion for horses and leather harmonize in a symphony of performance and elegance.

    Step into the Fleur de Lys® universe - Join us in this unique adventure where the art of adaptability meets sporting elegance - Discover the perfect harmony between you and your horse.

    Fleur de Lys® - Where equestrian sport becomes a true masterpiece of exception.