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    POMPADOUR® leather balm

    Leather cream Fleur de Lys® 250 ml

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    POMPADOUR® leather balm

    Discover our POMPADOUR® Leather Balm - a natural and high-quality solution for maintaining and protecting your leather equipment.

    The POMPADOUR® Leather Balm is specially formulated with premium ingredients, including beeswax, renowned for its nourishing and protective properties. Handcrafted in our workshop, our Leather Balm deeply penetrates the leather to revitalize and soften it, creating a protective barrier against wear and external aggressions, thus extending its lifespan.

    The 100% natural POMPADOUR® Leather Balm is the ideal choice for preserving the quality of your leather goods. Give your leather the best possible care and opt now for POMPADOUR® Leather Balm.

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    Natural product enriched with beeswax
    250 ml

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